Acting Animals - resources for media

Acting Animals - Animal Resources for the Media

Missed the bird!

Acting Animals, formerly known as Honeybank Animal Actors, is a highly professional company which is big enough to cope, and small enough to care. 

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Filming an Owl

For almost 30 years, we have supplied animals for film, stills, videos, and live performances.  We are a small, dedicated and highly motivated team, working with you to produce the best results.

We have hundreds of animals – ranging from locusts to eagles, mice to horses, millipedes to snakes, rats to dogs – all raised and trained for the job.

James McKay acting at Haddon Hall

If we don’t seem to have exactly what you’re looking for – ask us.  We have a nationwide network of trainers and owners who keep a wide range of animals.  If it’s available in the UK – we can get it.

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